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Irish-born Liam was an electrician in the mid 1980s and spent three years in Zimbabwe where he maintained electrical equipment at a safari park and trained Zimbabwean electricians. Finding the day-to-day working world back in Dublin a little dull after that experience, he saw an advertisement for acting lessons. Encouraged by his wife (thank-you Colette!), he decided to give it a try. A month after leaving his "day job," he won the lead in a new Irish play and followed that with a US tour in another Irish play. He did the official career switch to acting in 1989.
Liam and his wife, Colette
Liam and his mother
Liam and wife, Colette, at the Buckingham Palace Premiere of War Horse in 2012
Starting his acting career in the theatre, Liam's debut film role was less than 30 seconds of on-screen time in the 1992 film, Into the West, in a scene that doesn't appear in the North American release. Supporting roles in films such as A Little Princess and Jude and lead roles in A Love Divided and the RTE/BBC TV movie, Falling for a Dancer, gained him the start of dedicated fanbase. Liam is at home in both leading and supporting roles, drama and comedy, on stage and behind the camera. His theatre work has also included musical roles. Directing and producing has crept into his curriculum vitae. Liam has directed commercials and episodes of the RTE television series, The Clinic. In 2011, he added "producer" to his credentials when Michael Fassbender and he both starred and co-produced the short film, Pitch Black Heist, which won the 2012 BAFTA for short film.
Liam and mother at the Dublin Premiere of War Horse in 2012
Liam was born in East Wall in Dublin on 2 June 1961. He is married to Colette and they have three children, one daughter and two sons. The Cunningham's make their home in Dublin.
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